Saffron and pests

Tim Eck
Fri, 07 Nov 2014 08:00:55 PST
It's worth mentioning that moles are almost exclusively carnivorous while
voles are almost exclusively vegetarian.  AND, in spite of some claims,
nothing other than the most crude measures (dynamite, etc) works to control
both.  Although some cats will kill moles, mine will not attack them
(possibly because of the poisonous spurs).  I have seen a mole nudge my cat
aside to eat some dry catfood out of its bowl.

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I became interested in saffron several years ago, and by some 'coincidence',
came across a garden center close-out, '90% off saffron corms'. Of course I
bought the entire gross. Here in zone 6b, they seem to do well,  even though
I've been neglectful in not dividing them.
My second-hand experience with moles, voles, etc. has been that they are
burrowing primarily for grubs and earthworms, and the corms are just a tasty
snack. If you use an insecticide for the grubs, then apply a strong tea of
hot pepper, this should discourage burrowing vermin. (I would never kill
earthworms....) The drawback of hot pepper tea is that it has to be applied
every couple of days to be effective.

On a side note, if you're battling squirrels or grazing animals, a few drops
of a week-old solution of rotted egg (1 raw egg mixed in 3 liters water),
also applied every 3 days, is highly effective and cheap! The solution
doesn't off-gas, and is useable for at least 2 months. It has kept the
squirrels out of my pots, and a few thin strips of paper dipped in this and
hung on tree branches will send deer running. Applied in moderation, it
shouldn't be detectable to humans.

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