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Nhu Nguyen xerantheum@gmail.com
Thu, 06 Nov 2014 10:00:12 PST
Hi all,

We have discussion about this topic quite periodically on this forum and I
think anyone involving in a plant society will have been in discussion with
their society about dwindling members. The fact is, as Jane McGary one time
pointed out, "young" people now are too distracted and they are not settled
into a more stable economic life until they reach their late or early 40's.
So rather than trying to appeal to young people who would like to grow
plants but have to pay rent instead, the focus should be on people in their
40's and 50's. I think that focus on the middle aged demographics as well
and reaching out to the younger ones should happen simultaneously.

As it turns out, Facebook laments the fact that most of their users are no
longer young people. Younger people have moved on to other fast-paced even
more ephemeral nature of social media. I still think that the Facebook
model works well for spreading words about the PBS, but it does not allow
for deep discussion that could then be archived and retrieved later on. Try
searching for some growing advice by Jim Shields on Hippeastrum and you'd
go mad trying to navigate their search pages.

The Board of Directors have always tried our best to reflect the current
wants of our membership. Sometimes it's not easy since we have to take into
account all demographics of the society. It sounds like there is a want for
a different style of forum, one that allows easy photo attachments. I think
it's time we take some action, but before we could implement anything, we'd
like to hear what YOU, the forum members think and what YOU have to say. If
we have enough interests, we can start the ball rolling. So, let the
discussion begin.

Also, to help us gauge interest, I have created a short survey. Please help
us decide what is the best course of action. It will only take a minute and
will allow you to voice your thoughts on what you'd like your forum to be.

PBS President

On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 10:58 PM, T O <enoster@hotmail.com> wrote:

>  My point in telling you all this is that I probably represent many of the
> "Millennial" generation by being so busy, thus not having the time or extra
> income to be a part of any of the great plant societies. I may even be one
> of few of my generation to have such an obsession with plants and growing
> species from seed.

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