Help with Lilium Nanum

Jane McGary
Thu, 06 Nov 2014 09:26:32 PST
I've grown Lilium nanum (in both cases the purple form) to flowering 
twice but was not able to keep it going. This is a small-growing 
Himalayan species whose habitat is described as "alpine scrub at 
4000-4250 meters." That tells you everything you need to know about 
why this bulb is hard for us to grow (unless "we" live in the North 
Atlantic rim countries -- I expect the Scots carpet their rock 
gardens with it). Alpine bulbs, like other high alpines, have evolved 
to survive a long winter dormancy under snow cover, where they are 
fairly dry and the temperature is much milder than the air 
temperature above the snow. If I get this bulb again, I'll try 
overwintering it by drying it off but not completely, sealing the pot 
in a plastic freezer bag, and keeping it in the refrigerator (not the 
freezer) from November through April. I would use a soil mix of sand, 
peat, and (with apologies to non-Northwesterners) lots of ground pumice.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

22 PM 11/5/2014, you wrote:
>Hi Not sure if I am sending this to the correct email to have is 
>displayed as I am new at this, but I hope someone out there can tell 
>me the best way to grow Lilium Nanum, I have terrible trouble with 
>the bulb rotting, what is the best mixture and best position for 
>them to grow, I grow them in pots.
>many thanks Mel

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