Lycoris in current BX (372)

Ellen Hornig
Sat, 08 Nov 2014 13:45:18 PST
Thanks, Jim x3 (Waddick, Shields, McKenney - what are the chances?) for
your excellent advice about sowing lycoris seed.  I just hope I got my
request in to Dell on time.

Jim W., in answer to your question, I haven't seen a lot of Lycoris
squamigera around here.  I've planted a few clumps and am hoping that
eventually they get well-established, but I have to say they aren't looking
too good.  Bulb fly is always a possibility - I know my Sternbergia lutea
numbers are diminishing on account of those.  I haven't dug any lycoris to

On the upside, Nerine bowdenii continues to do pretty well here, in a
protected location fairly near the foundation.  'Nikita', which is an
ethereal pale pink, is the first to bloom, therefore the most successful;
but a white form and a vigorous typical screaming pink are also doing
fine.  Last night's light freeze doesn't seem to have harmed the flowers;
'Nikita' is in glorious full bloom.  Next summer I may move them in even
closer, if for no other reason than that I'm likelier to throw something
over the flowers on cold nights.  My impression is that the bulbs
themselves are quite hardy.


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