repetitive messages

Kipp McMichael
Sat, 08 Nov 2014 13:55:48 PST
> Why do BX-orders go to the forum?
The PBS list sends emails out "on behalf of" the sender. This seems proper enough, but it has a major drawback (though for a good reason).

The drawback is that though emails arrive as being from the human sender, "Leo Martin" for example, the reply-to address, is not that human sender, it is instead the PBS list. In my email client (hotmail) and many others, this means that emails I get from Leo via the PBS look just like the emails I might get if Leo emailed me directly. But replies to the PBS list messages don't reply to Leo. 
The good reason for this "behalf of" setup is to make group conversation the default - this is a public forum after all - so it's easy to see why the list is set this way initially. Perhaps Mr. Pilling can inform us if this is a setting that could be changed and we could consider whether the the default should instead be personal replies rather than reply-to-the-list...

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