Bearded Iris hybrids

Brian Whyer
Mon, 10 Nov 2014 11:09:48 PST
>The rule is to divide and replant after flowering.
It is because of the repeat flowering I asked. The "normal" single flowering I divide after flowering, in the summer, as in commerce, but there are 2 or more options with a repeat flowerer. After the first, after the second, after both if your greedy.
I just went out in the dark and tried to count next years growth points on the frosted very wet plant. This was planted out around mid summer this year from a neglected 6" pot that I think had maybe 1 or 2 flower stems earlier this spring/summer. It had 4 flower stems and 1 non flowering "leaf fan" recently. Now there seems to be ~27 growth points around the 5 main previous growing points. This is in very poor wet sticky clay rich limey soil. I can obviously divide this into 5 good clumps, and maybe further, but when? I have unheated and frost free glasshouse in needed.
Incidentally it is Iris "English Cottage".
Visited small nursery today selling off all spring bulbs for £1 a pack (normally 2 - 3£). ;-) Lot of potting/planting to do.
Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, UK, zone ~8 ish

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