Bearded Iris hybrids

Peter Taggart
Mon, 10 Nov 2014 12:21:52 PST
Don't divide bearded Iris when temperatures are likely to freeze. They
won't anchor themselves, (due to frost heave). In any case the roots don't
grow when the temperature is near to freezing. you can get round this with
a frost free greenhouse.  English Cottage is a very good garden plant which
flowers a lot, but the flowers have poor substance, (-they are  easily
damaged by wind and rain).
Nor do they root in very arid Summer conditions but you can get round this
by mulching with  gravel.
Peter UK

On 10 November 2014 19:09, Brian Whyer <> wrote:

> >The rule is to divide and replant after flowering.
> It is because of the repeat flowering I asked. The "normal" single
> flowering I divide after flowering, in the summer, as in commerce, but
> there are 2 or more options with a repeat flowerer. After the first, after
> the second, after both if your greedy.

>   ~27 growth points around the 5 main previous growing points. This is in
> very poor wet sticky clay rich limey soil. I can obviously divide this into
> 5 good clumps, and maybe further, but when? I have unheated and frost free
> glasshouse in needed.
> Incidentally it is Iris "English Cottage".

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