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Bulborum Botanicum
Thu, 06 Nov 2014 11:14:42 PST
I use both
I think this is the best of the two worlds

This is the best way if you want to try

To set up Facebook
Just install it with Fake info
Name fake (I just use my first correct name Roland) For example Bulb King
Place where you live Fake (100 km far away)
Day of birth as old as possible (I think I am 86 but kept day and month
correct for my friends)
and so on all fake
Your email and phone must be correct

So all they know now is your first name (can be fake too) ,email and phone
Create your account
After creating open facebook you click on the small triangle in the right
Choose properties
Here you can manipulate all
Say NO to everything
That means your email address just visible for you
your phone number just visible for you
Two exceptions
Pictures must be public (otherwise nobody can see them) and who can see my
posts you make "just friends"
Friends you choose yourself and you know soon which are serious or not
Best you run it on a browser like Firefox , Chrome or Opera
Install "Social fixer" in it and you can click away almost every part
Also install "adblock" to stop most advertisements in your browser

Hope this helps a little
If you have more questions just mail me private
Have a nice day


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2014-11-06 20:09 GMT+01:00 Ina Crossley <>:

> There seems to be this idea that Facebook is just to socialise and show
> yourself off etc.  Which for some it is.  But for a lot of people, like me,
> it is for the groups on Facebook.  Groups which cater for all sorts of
> plant interests as well as other interests of course.
> I read somewhere the ones who socialise go for Twitter or similar,
> anything new, and Facebook is increasingly being taken on board by older
> people.
> If you do consider joining FB, I would suggest you use a pseudonym. I
> regret I didn't.  Don't give any information about yourself.  And check
> your profile and untick anything which affects your privacy. Having done
> that, just look for your interests.
> Ina
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