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patty allen
Thu, 06 Nov 2014 11:17:31 PST

Thank you again for some valuable information, I would not know not to do this if you hadn't been kind enough to relay your experiences with me.
Regards, Patty
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>There seems to be this idea that Facebook is just to socialise and show 
>yourself off etc.  Which for some it is.  But for a lot of people, like 
>me, it is for the groups on Facebook.  Groups which cater for all sorts 
>of plant interests as well as other interests of course.
>I read somewhere the ones who socialise go for Twitter or similar, 
>anything new, and Facebook is increasingly being taken on board by older 
>If you do consider joining FB, I would suggest you use a pseudonym. I 
>regret I didn't.  Don't give any information about yourself.  And check 
>your profile and untick anything which affects your privacy. Having done 
>that, just look for your interests.
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