Changing times

Youngs Aberdeen
Thu, 06 Nov 2014 12:14:26 PST
Travis - I  hope you enjoyed a very good birthday - Ian and I  wish you 
many happy returns of the day!

We are pleased to hear you are one of the 50 thousand or so who enjoy 
Ian's Bulb Log very week - I am always excited when I see how good the 
Bulb Log and International Rock Gardener e-magazine look on a tablet, 
but I admit I haven't seen them on a smart-phone. I may get one when my 
carrier pigeon dies!!

I'm afraid your facebook link does not open for me - even other facebook 
links which I am told are public remain resolutely closed - no idea why .

Best wishes to you and may you continue to gain pleasure from the joy of 
bulbs and rock gardening !

Maggi Young…

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