Winter care for Clinanthus (Stenomesson)

Rimmer deVries
Sun, 23 Nov 2014 08:24:17 PST
I am seeking advice on the best practice winter care for Clinanthus incarnatum (Stenomesson variegatum) and Clinanthus variegatus (Stenomesson incarnatum) in pots.  
I wish they picked different names to reconfigure the classification, switching both first and last names is such a mess. 

Clinanthus incarnatum (Stenomesson variegatum)  These are the Stenomesson with the strap like leaves. these come in red, yellow and apricot
 i have these in fairly deep pots of a 50% inorganic: 50% coarse pine park organic fast draining mix.  

I have read these can handle more water year round that the Clinanthus variegatus (Stenomesson incarnatum) 

Clinanthus variegatus (Stenomesson incarnatum) this is a larger plant and comes in a orange color and is supposed to be a dryer growing plant. the leaves are drier and fiberous remind me of corn stalks. 
I have these in deep pots of about 90% pumice and some sand and about 5-10% organic leaf mold. I have barely watered Clinanthus variegatus (incarnatum) all year and it continues to send up new leaves. 

I was wondering what I should do in the winter to make these potted plants happy sitting on my basement floor at 55-60F in dry conditions, i have a humidifier nearby to raise the nearby relative humidity up to 40-50%

A small offset of Clinanthus incarnatum in a flat of Nerines has been watered regularly and it seems to like it.   The larger Clinanthus incarnatums being starved of water have been losing bottom leaves. I suspect this may be good to encourage flowering in the spring, but i am afraid of desiccating the bulb too much? Should i withhold water until March or just a light surface sprinkle or mist every month or so?

should the Clinanthus variegatus receive any water all winter? these have not been watered since repotting in the summer and don’t appear to mind being dry. 

The true Stenomesson piercei was dormant most of the summer and now has lots of leaves. is this a cool season plant? should i continue to water once a month or let it go dry?

Thank you

se Michigan 
Zone 5

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