Goodyera added to the wiki

Sat, 22 Nov 2014 20:31:14 PST
Hello all,

With David Pilling's help (OK, he did all the work), I have added the genus Goodyera to the wiki with one species I encountered while on our anniversary vacation to Bandon, OR last August. There were several flowering plants and 50 or so rosettes hidden among the pine duff. The property was for sale, and mostly inhabited by invasive Gorse, grasses and annual weeds. I would only hope the future owners don't level the place to make a "proper garden" as many of the gardens in Bandon are highly landscaped with Phormium's, Armeria, dwarf conifers and many non-natives.

Here's the link:…

-Travis Owen

P.s. I made a contributor page for myself with links to my garden photos:…

Making my contributor page was very easy after reading this page:…

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