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Sat, 15 Nov 2014 15:31:07 PST
On 11/15/2014 6:19 PM, penstemon wrote:
>> In the literature, especially the rock garden literature, there are 
>> articles (some of which read like calculus puzzles and kept me tied 
>> in knots) discussing drainage. To make a long story short, I think 
>> it's largely bunk as far as most summer dormant plants are concerned.
> It's complete bunk as far as anything having to do with plants is 
> concerned, but seems to have some relevance growing plants in 
> wet-winter climates. (I have the Deno quote about "drainage" right 
> here on the laptop but am too lazy to include it.)
> As far as I know, onco species like Iris iberica, paradoxa, barnumae, 
> etc., grow in climates almost identical to mine. I get a little more 
> rain in July and August than do, say, Erzurum and Van.
> I suspect that the rain is delivered to the plants there as it is 
> here, by thunderstorms, and all at once. The soil here never stays 
> wet; it never rains all day, and it never rains in winter. (The only 
> all-day precipitation we get here is in the form of snow, like today.) 
> Nothing happens to the dormant irises here if they are rained on. The 
> plants don't need any kind of protection (except from rabbits) or 
> special cultivation techniques.
> Growth in spring starts after the snow melts, with occasional rain and 
> hail precipitation "events". The hail sometimes destroys flower buds, 
> which is extremely annoying. (Understatement.)
> Bob Nold
> Denver, Colorado
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