SX 1

Steve Marak
Thu, 30 Oct 2014 10:40:58 PDT
The items below have been donated by our members and friends to be shared.

If you are interested in obtaining some of them, please email me 

Include "SX 1" in the subject line.

It is better to FORWARD this email to the above address rather than 
attempting to REPLY to it as your reply will probably go to the entire 
PBS list, and since my mail program will sort private replies ahead of 
replies to the list, this will cause your request to be processed later. 
As requests are filled first-come-first-served, replying to the list 
will reduce your chance of receiving items that are in short supply.

You may request 1 or 2 packets of any item. Specify the quantity (1 or 
2) and the item number. Please also include your shipping address. When 
you receive your seeds, you will find enclosed a statement of what you 
owe the PBS treasurer ($2.00 US per packet + shipping).

Many of you are members of the PBS mailing list, which is free, but are 
not members of the Pacific Bulb Society which has a yearly membership 
member, please consider joining so that you can participate in future 
offers such as this one. Go to:

for membership information.

Thank you to all of our generous donors!

Note: this is my first time fulfilling an SX, and I am not Dell - please 
bear with me as I get everything sorted out.


101    Albuca shawii    UU
102    Albuca sp., tall, white, evergreen    UU
103    Allium cernuum, 'Hidcote'    UU
104    Allium rubrovittatum    JM
105    Allium sp., ex Chiapas    NN
106    Androcymbium dregei    RH
107    Aristea ecklonii    JL
108    Bowiea nana    RH
109    Calydorea amabilis    NN
110    Calydorea xiphioides    NN
111    Canna  paniculata ?    UU
112    Crocus tournefortii    JM
113    Cyclamen africanum, silver center    RH
114    Cyclamen cilicicum, 'Album'    JM
115    Cyclamen cyprium    JM
116    Cyclamen rohlfsianum    RH
117    Cypella herbertii    NP
118    Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus    NN
119    Cyrtanthus breviflorus    NN
120    Daubenya alba*    RH
121    Daubenya stylosa*    RH
122    Dracunculus canariensis    UU
123    Ferraria divaricata ex Telos    KC
124    Freesia, mixed, OP    KC
125    Fritillaria biflora x purdyi    JM
126    Fritillaria obliqua    JM
127    Gladiolus dalenii    NN
128    Gladiolus 'Eno Orange' (G. dalenii)    NP
129    Gloriosa (Littonia modesta)    NN
130    Habranthus sp., 'Cherry Pink'    PS
131    Habranthus texanus    TE
132    Habranthus tubispathus    NN
133    Habranthus tubispathus    PS
134    Habranthus tubispathus, OP, ex BX 355    KC
135    Herbertia lahue    NN
136    Herbertia tigrioides    NN
137    Hippeastrum blossfeldiae    NN
138    Hippeastrum hyb. Small, pink, fragrant    UU
139    Hippeastrum 'Minerva' x 'Black Pearl'    KC
140    Hippeastrum striatum    NN
141    Ipomoea sp. blue, mid-sized flowers, tuberous    UU
142    Lachenalia latifolia*    RH
143    Lilium formosanum, short, ex Taiwan    JL
144    Lilium humboldtii    NN
145    Massonia hirsuta, NNBH812-2    RH
146    Massonia pustulata, pruple leaves    RH
147    Massonia sp. *Massonia jasminiflora, Winberg*    RH
148    Massonia sp., IBS 97-142    RH
149    Ornithogalum (Galtonia) viridilorum    NN
150    Ornithogalum fimbrimarginatum, HBG118287    KC
151    Ornithogalum magnum    UU
152    Ornithogalum regale    NN
153    Orthrosanthus chimboracensis    NN
154    Othonna perfoliata    RH
155    Phaedranassa cinerea    DB
156    Phalocallis coelestis    JL
157    Polyxena longituba*    RH
158    Polyxena odorata    RH
159    Polyxena pygmaea, Karas    RH
160    Rhadamanthus (Drimia) sp. aff. Platyphyllus    RH
161    Rhadamanthus platyphyllus, ex Hammer*    RH
162    Romulea minutiflora*    RH
163    Sprekelia formosissima    NN
164    Tigridia multiflora    NN
165    Tulbaghia acutiloba    NN
166    Tulbaghia acutiloba, Devon    NN
167    Tulbaghia galpinii    NN
168    Tulipa sprengeri    JM
169    Zephyranthes primulina    UU

"*"seeds which were harvested more than one year ago


DB = Dave Boucher

KC = Karl Church

TE = Tim Eck

RH = Roy Herold

JL= Jonathan Lubar

JM = Jane McGary

NN = Nhu Nguyen

NP = Nick Plummer

PS= Pamela Slate

UU = Uli Urban

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