Calochortus pursuits

Rob Skinner
Thu, 06 Aug 2015 22:48:54 PDT
Thank you for those wonderful Calohortus pictures.  I’m a relatively new member to this list, and I’m here because of Calochortus.  

It started about two months ago.  I was hiking in the hills near Laguna Canyon in Socal, when I spotted a couple flowers that knocked my socks off.  I’d never seen anything like them before.  I’m in my 50’s, lived here all my life, and do an extensive amount of hiking and mountain biking. It seems odd that I’d never seen these before. I took some pictures and decided to try and track some of these down to plant in my yard.  

After a bit of googling, I determined they were Calochortus.  Within a couple weeks, I spotted a few more in the Santa Ana Mountains.  How about that for luck?  

Since I’ve never seen these before, I suspect they’re not common, so I don’t want to harvest any from the wild.  I searched for a source of plants, and my quest led me to some of the experts who suggested I join this mailing list.  So if anyone has a source, or wants to share some of their own, I would appreciate it.  

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the flowers near Laguna.  


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