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Amelia Hayner
Fri, 07 Aug 2015 05:19:50 PDT
hi! I am new here and am just jumping in with both feet.
I have a great interest in alliums, and am planning on devoting a bed to
them next year. the bed is FULL of tall terracotta pots, full of wilting
plants right now, so I think it would suit alliums much better. I am in
upper part of zone 8, in northeast NC, and we do experience temps down in
the teens over winter.
secondly, I am looking for fall/winter blooming bulbs that also appreciate
a dry summer rest, to put in my big standing Wardian case in my sunroom. it
is in a position that bakes most plants during the winter as it faces west
windows. I am thinking colchicum would work there, and perhaps others?
how do I access past postings, or search for something in files that might
pertain to these?
thank you

On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 4:46 PM, Kelly Irvin <> wrote:

> Jim McK:
> My observations of the spring foliage Lycoris would be in close agreement
> though I would not yet err on the side of continual moisture during
> dormancy, because I suspect this makes for uneven blooming (which I am
> experiencing so far this season). Not quite sure. Most of the semi-hardy
> fall foliage Lycoris are not well endowed in the bulb department, so I'm
> fairly confident they benefit at least from a great amount of moisture
> while in foliage.
> As dormant Lycoris don't lose their roots, I believe a certain minimum
> amount of moisture is necessary during dormancy to maintain bulb health.
> Bottom line, I don't believe in any benefit from drought conditions. If no
> rain or irrigation occurs after about 6 weeks during dormant season, I
> believe my Lycoris suffer damage (shrinkage) and the bloom is negatively
> affected.
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> On 8/6/15 3:19 PM, Jim McKenney wrote:
>> All of this suggests to me that generous summer water during their
>> dormancy might be good for these plants.
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