Crinum - 'Super Ellen'

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Hi Tim, 
Where are you located (zone)?  Thanks for the info.

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I think Jim Shields found C. variabile to be as hardy for him as bulbispermum
and he created hybrids of the two.  Plant Delights had them but may not offer
I don't think scabrum is very hardy but its cross with bulbispermum
(Herbertii) is fairly hardy (6B?).  I lost a lot of Herbertii to a cold winter
this year.  
Cold and wet will kill a lot of things - so you can effectively
gain two zones by raking leaves over them in the fall and covering with
I have crosses of bulbispermum and variabile with lots of others like
hardyi, ligulatum, lavranii, macowanii, firmifolium, carolo-schmidtii,
fimbriatulum, oliganthum, erubescens, and some hybrids that should be hardy to
zone 6 or 7.

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