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Ernie DeMarie via pbs
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Hi Jim,
Thanks for the good info, sheltered room as in by the house is limited (and used by other things too like hedychiums which have made it with deep planting and mulch) but there is plenty of room for crinums as I continue converting remaining lawn on .63 acres into gardens.  Back lawn is pretty much gone already, 1/3 of front lawn gone, still more to go.....Lots of sun in the front and much of the back too, I am not a great fan of most trees.  

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Dear Ernie,

	You ask if there are more cold tolerant Crinum. It is a LONG list
and your climate is milder than here so the list is even longer there. 

	I stay
away from any with a zone 8/9/10 listing, but Zone 6/7 plants are usually hardy
here, but planted deep. My first Crinum x powellii was planted deep and when I
finally HAD to dig it up, it was about 16 in to the base of the clump and others
can get even somewhat (18  in) deep and do fine. Don’t be afraid to plant a bulb
deep to avoid the hardest frosts.

	There’s a number of named x powellii that
are better than the typical you see in garden centers with skinny twisted
petals.  Some of the C. scabrum (milk and wine lilies) could be hardy there too.
I like the old ‘Catherine’. Pure white and vigorous. 'Cecil Houdeyshel’ is a
good x powellii. 

	I hate to push any commercial source in particular, but I am
very happy with Jenks Farmers offering. Good person, large bulbs and easy to
deal with. He will tell you about hardiness in your area. 

	Of course Marcell’s
Crinum ( M Sheppard) has been good too, but they seem to have a web

	I am constantly wishing for a variegated Crinum asiaticum for my
greenhouse, but then keep telling myself it gets GINORMOUS and refrain. If you
have lots of room.

	If your room is limited I’d stay with your current list of
‘Super Ellen’ and xpowellii Album.			Best		Jim

> On Jul 16, 2015, at 7:08 AM,
Ernie DeMarie via pbs <> wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> It may take
a year or two for my Super Ellen to get to blooming size, but I am definitely
excited about its potential.  Are there other hybrids/species you have found to
be very cold tolerant in your experience that I should be looking for? No one up
here is growing crinums, at least that I know of.
> Ernie
> Briarcliff Manor
NY Z7ish/6

James Waddick
8871 NW Brostrom Rd
Kansas City, MO

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