Probably off topic, but I need help: mystery plant

Nathan Lange
Mon, 13 Jul 2015 12:40:09 PDT


This could be a potential ground cover to plant 
over early spring ephemeral bulbs. Assuming those 
small runners with non-compound leaves that are 
heading out towards the brick sidewalk are part 
of the same plant, then this plant looks like 
some species of dimorphic Parthenocissus. The 
leaf veining seems a little off but that could be 
due to the atypically blunt leaflet tips.

Anyway, this is the answer I've convinced myself 
of so I can stop thinking about it. Please let us 
know when you find out the correct identification.


At 01:17 PM 7/11/2015, you wrote:
>I've already circulated the images in question 
>on several lists, and so far no one has come up 
>with an answer. I don't think the plant in 
>question is a geophyte, but who knows? Please 
>take a look here: 
> I 
>think the plant is growing in a Virginia garden. 
>I have not seen it myself; these pictures are 
>all the information I have.  If you have an 
>idea, please contact me privately at

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