Amaryllis belladonna in Connecticut

David Pilling
Tue, 16 Jun 2015 04:54:55 PDT

If I may add a bit more anecdotage.

I put my three bulbs in a 10 inch pot they're still there but there are 
more than three now and there were more than three flower stems last year.

Whilst Winter temperatures (and light levels) here on the North West 
coast of England are lower than California, they have not gone below 
zero C in the years the bulbs have flowered.

I keep the pot in a greenhouse in Winter to protect the plants from the 
salt laden wind.

Around 2008 I bought some seed for A. belladonna off ebay. It came from 
California. The plants have not flowered yet. Their leaves are now about 
the same width as those on the ones that do flower.

David Pilling

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