Raising Ornithogalum saundersaie from seed

Fiona Hellmann hellmann@mweb.co.za
Tue, 16 Jun 2015 05:55:33 PDT
Hi Lyn

I live in Riebeek Kasteel, Western Cape, South Africa which is in the winter
rainfall area and have very successfully raised O. saundersaie from seed.
They are summer flowering (S Hemisphere) so you need to sow the seed in
Spring.  They come from a summer rainfall area and need to be kept dry in
Winter.  They multiply prolifically and I have also taken leaf cuttings and
gotten a lot of bulblets that way too.  I keep mine in pots so that I can
move them indoors in winter but I have left a few bulbs in the ground this
winter as an experiment to see how they will manage the cold and rain.

Generally, I find that they're not fussy about soil, but I use a good
quality potting mix and add a few handfuls of clean river sand for extra
drainage.  For sowing the seeds, I use a commercial seedling mix and also
add a bit extra river sand.

Hope that this helps you.

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Does anyone have useful tips about this? Are there particular requirements?
I live in New Zealand  and haven't ever been able to source this bulb, so
I'm trying to produce my own.

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