eradicate permanent weeds

Johannes Ulrich Urban
Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:56:31 PDT
Dear All,

eradicating Alocasia.... they need to be pampered here very much..... 
Northern Germany is not Alocasia Country.

We have our weeds, though. What I do when I really want to clear a piece 
of land is covering it with a solid fabric made of woven narrow plastic 
strips. It is used in professional nurseries to cover the ground under 
pots or containers to keep everything weed free. It does exclude light 
from the ground but lets air and water through. As it is black the soil 
under this cover becomes quite warm. I mow the land first as low as 
possible and then lay the fabric and fix it either with pegs or with 
stones or heavy boards. it needs a season to kill almost everything, the 
possible survivors can be easily removed. No chemicals, no effort except 
preparing by mowing and laying the fabric. But it needs time. The fabric 
can be used many times. It can be walked upon and is sold on large rolls 
in different width.

Bye for today


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