Oregon Flora book sample pages

Robin Hansen robin@hansennursery.com
Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:09:42 PDT
Diane and All,

I've just been in contact with one of the editors of the Oregon Flora 
volumes.  I quote:   Those files are about 3 years old and have nothing to 
do with the final Flora. That page hasn't been updated in years (too many 
other things to do!). Those were put up there before I had even looked at 
them. They have been rewritten and proofed a gazillion times since then. 
I'll try to talk to ***** today about removing them. It's not a very good 
sales pitch. Please pass this message back to PBS in the meantime.

Hopefully this will help explain the situation.

Robin Hansen
Hansen Nursery
SW coast of Oregon

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