Soils and flower color

Steven Hart
Thu, 14 May 2015 02:53:34 PDT
I worked in landscaping, most was free solid fill.. Great in some circumstances though, palms love it. I could use a load of fine ground clay in my hydrous hydrophobic soil. Some of the most fertile fields in Ireland were made with the adding of fine layers of clays. It can sometimes have a gold mine if minerals locked inside & gypsum & dolomite are great sources of calcium to help unlock those minerals. I like weak clay dilutions as a soil tonic in dryer soil types. I doubt many bulbs would clay soils too much though.


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On 14/05/2015, at 8:58 AM, "Rodger Whitlock" <> wrote:

> On 12 May 2015, at 11:54, Travis O wrote:
>> WHY do landscapers always use clay?!
> Because they can get it cheap, possibly for free, maybe even be paid to take it 
> away — from excavations for new construction.
> OTOH, there are those witches' brews labeled "top soil". 
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