Bulb/rhizome hybrids?

Travis O enoster@hotmail.com
Thu, 14 May 2015 05:23:05 PDT
Hi, a fun question:

For genera that have both bulbous and rhizomatous species, is it possible to hybridize the two? What would the underground storage structures of the progeny be like?

In Allium there are bulbous and rhizomatous species, as well as intermediary species like Allium senescens which has what looks like a bulb with a rhizome attached to the side in at least part of it's growth cycle. It seems less likely with Iris, maybe I'm just naive but I've never heard of an intermediary species with both bulb and rhizome.

And breeders out there want to give me an education on this?

Travis Owen
Rogue River, OR


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