vinyl blinds as plant tags (was Re:New Moraea hybrids, 2015)

Lamon Ready
Tue, 26 May 2015 12:17:39 PDT

 I started out using soda, etc cans, cut into strips various widths. Start by cutting the bottom off first, 
then the top. Trim both rough ends with sisscors. Use something that has a slight give to it
 to place the label on.  I usually use a # 2 pencil to write with, using a little pressure. Fold the 'period' 
end into an arrow for added stiffness to insert into the pot, etc. I sometimes use alum wire stuck
 through the 'period' end to loosely wrap around a small branch, etc.
I have used the blinds / a # 2 pencil the last 2 years, but am planning on reverting back to my orginal 
alum. ones.

> I have some labels cut from old blinds that are still flexible after about
> 15 years use.    However, I always use a No2 (HB) pencil to label my
> plants.  I haven't found any pen that lasts as long as pencil in direct sun.
> Nick
> On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 7:48 AM, a van beek <> wrote:
> The only thing I can add is use a good waterproof marker. Some of them are
> > not so waterproof as claimed as I found out the hard way 2 years after
> > returning from holiday.
> > The person that sold me some succulent pelargoniums wrote the name with a
> > white ink marker on the black plastic pots. He told me that would last for
> > a least 4 years. I'm trying that now also.
> >
> > Aad
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