xHippestrelia from seed

Cynthia Mueller cynthiasbulbs@hotmail.com
Sun, 24 May 2015 09:33:20 PDT
Pam, I have several large, glossy mahogany-red seed pods of Hippeastrelia seed ripening. Strangely, they bloomed well but the companion Sprekelia have done nothing. Will sow some seed and see what results. This spring has been hard because there have been rains on and off for weeks! Of course, we can't complain about rain! -Cynthia Mueller, Central Texas

Cynthia W Mueller

> On May 22, 2015, at 3:09 PM, Pamela Slate <myixia1@gmail.com> wrote:
> This thread about H. 'Red Garden' has prompted me to ask - after
> unsuccessfully searching the elist archives - can someone share with me
> their experience of growing xHippestrelia from seed?
> My seedlings were sown in June 2011 from seed taken from this plant:
> http://pacificbulbsociety.org/pbswiki/index.php/…
> I'll transplant them into a raised bed in fall but am curious about when to
> reasonably expect them to flower.
> On the H. 'Red Garden' topic, I am very interested in having seed. Thank
> you, Fred, for the query! I have three large seed pods on the same
> xHippestrelia (in the wiki photo) and if there's interest, I too will send
> them to the BX.
> Pamela Slate
> Arizona
> Zone 9b/10a
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