×Hippeastrelia is the name used to designate hybrids between Hippeastrum and Sprekelia. The name Hippeaskelia is also used. There is evidence that the hybrid is hardier than its parents see PBS list.

×Hippeastrelia bloomed in late May 2004 from seed started November 1998. The seed came from Bill Dijk who said it was a cross between a dwarf red unnamed Hippeastrum hybrid and Sprekelia formosissima. It did not bloom again until 2010 and has bloomed again in 2011. The first photo is by Mary Sue Ittner. The remaining photos are by Pamela Slate showing the plant blooming in central Arizona in May 2011 and the dehiscing seed capsule. The time between two photos was exactly one month; at its widest point the seed capsule measures 4 cm; the plants are self fertile.

×Hippeastrelia, Mary Sue Ittner×Hippeastrelia, Pamela Slate×Hippeastrelia seed capsule, Pamela Slate

×Hippeastrelia 'Red Star' is a variety I got from Jacques Amand maybe 7 years ago. It blooms reliably every year and tends to bloom after the main group of Hippeastrums. It also seems to be self-fertile, but I've never grown the seed on so I don't know what the F2 generation looks like. (I have donated it to the BX several times.) The color is solid; for some reason my digital camera kept wanting to throw in the yellowy-orange highlights. They're not there in the actual flower. Photo taken May 2004 by Lee Poulsen.

×Hippeastrelia 'Red Star', Lee Poulsen

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