xHippestrelia from seed

Fred Biasella arlen.jose@verizon.net
Fri, 22 May 2015 16:01:18 PDT
Hi Pamela,

Yes please send them!!!

Warm Regards,

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This thread about H. 'Red Garden' has prompted me to ask - after
unsuccessfully searching the elist archives - can someone share with me
their experience of growing xHippestrelia from seed?

My seedlings were sown in June 2011 from seed taken from this plant:

I'll transplant them into a raised bed in fall but am curious about when to
reasonably expect them to flower.

On the H. 'Red Garden' topic, I am very interested in having seed. Thank
you, Fred, for the query! I have three large seed pods on the same
xHippestrelia (in the wiki photo) and if there's interest, I too will send
them to the BX.

Pamela Slate
Zone 9b/10a

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