Crinums Growing In Basement
Sun, 08 Nov 2015 04:38:33 PST
Hi Judy,
My crinums overiwinter in the cool garage, they do get a little light form nearby light stands for winter growing stuff and some window panes in the garage doors but not much.  Unless they are seedlings,just keep them dry and they will stop growing and the foliage will eventually dry back.  They are very tough and opportunistic plants so they should happily resprout when put outside again.   
Ernie in an also warmer than usual  NY

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As my cool greenhouse is getting jam-packed, when it was time to bring 
potted crinum in their very large pots indoors I decided to try 
wintering them
in the basement. They were looking quite shabby so I cut 
them back, hauled
them in, and ignored them. No light, no water.

Today I'm trying to tidy the
garage because some insurance-paid repairs 
to sheet rock will happen next
week. Took a tray of peat moss packed 
canna tubers into the basement. Oh-oh,
the crinum are growing seriously 
tall and - naturally enough - very

What now? Do I have to bring them upstairs and wedge into the
for the winter?

Back to garage cleanup.

Judy in still crazy
warm, overcast New Jersey


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