Bulbs & Deer

Travis O enoster@hotmail.com
Sun, 08 Nov 2015 07:45:54 PST
I'll go with Judy's advice: scented leaves (example: most Lamiacea), fuzzy or thorny leaves (example: Boraginaceae), and outright toxic plants (Aconitum, Amaryllidaceae) are left alone by deer in my garden... usually. There is nearly nothing that wont be nibbled and sampled, particularly when the natural landscape is dry and native plants are dormant. The difference between a plant they love and one that they don't: The former is eaten to the ground while the latter is just eaten. They've even sampled Narcissus, jerks.

Something I've had to contend with is the underground herbivores: voles. They happily eat the roots/bulbs of whatever the deer pass by (even Alliums, Echium, Echinacea, and plants in the Lamiacea).

My recent goal is to acquire toxic plants like Aconitum, Toxicoscordion (Zigadenus) and some Amaryllids, apparently [mostly] ignored by both above and below ground animals.

Travis Owen
Rogue River, OR


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