Lowering the water table in pots; was Anderson deep propagation flats

penstemon penstemon@Q.com
Tue, 20 Oct 2015 12:55:45 PDT
.i heard at a bonsai show lecture, (method also used by Streptocarpus growers ) 

>that if you put a piece of yarn in the pot extending down you not only keep the pot media moist by adding a wick to soak up water from below,  but it also lowers the water table in the pot.  

I thought about doing something like that. A pipe cleaner or a rolled-up piece of tissue will do the trick on a temporary basis. What I want is for the pots to be able to be completely soaked, and then dry out. 
Finding a satisfactory medium in which to grow the onco seedlings has not been easy, and there seems to be no readily identifiable cause for root rot other than the perched water table. 
I settled on perlite because the chances of rot are less than anything with organic matter.
If the pots are tall enough, a perched water table is acceptable because the seedling roots generally don’t grow that deeply. 
Bob Nold
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