Vivien Bouffard
Sun, 11 Oct 2015 17:25:58 PDT
Could someone explain crocosmias to me, please?  I've been growing a common
sort, probably 'Lucifer', in my Z6 garden for some years.  My patch has been
exceeding its allotted real estate and at the same time seems to be blooming
less, so I dug the whole thing up today.  There were hundreds and hundreds
of corms of all sizes and lots of sturdy offshoots extending from the corms
and making new corms.  


So my questions are:  1.  How big/old does a corm need to be before it
blooms?  2.  Do corms die after a season or do they persist and get larger?
3.  I found some corms stacked up on each other and understand that that is
a typical pattern.  Is there something about this arrangement that makes
them more likely to bloom than large single corms or is blooming just a
function of the corm's being x years old/sufficiently large?  When they're
vertically stacked like that, does only the top one make a bloom?  4.  If a
corm is sending out offshoots to make new corms, is it less likely to put
energy into flowering and/or into bulking itself up?  5.  Why are some corms
flat and some more pointy like a tulip?  6.  Is clearing out the gazillion
little corms (some of which are clearly offshoots and some of which are
independent and may result from self-sowing) and resetting the biggest corms
the best way to encourage flowering?  Does crocosmia tend to choke itself
out if left to itself?  


Thanks for sharing your expertise.



Norwood, MA  (Z6)



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