Galanthus for sale

Sun, 11 Oct 2015 10:54:08 PDT
Ha!  I was looking for toad lilies and happened upon the galanthus. Sounds
like you need a whole mini-blind for that label!

I knew about the sale beforehand, but fortunately for the balance on my credit card I didn’t noticed the link to the sale until a few hours after the really expensive ones had been sold out.
The idea of rooted bulbs is, I think, superior to receiving rootless bulbs, simply because it requires a great deal of watering on my part in order to get roots to form. It seems unlikely that there will be any precipitation here in the near future, to encourage rooting, so watering is necessary. The puppy thinks that watering is for him, and so I can’t do it any time I want. Have had .3” (7.6mm) of rain here since July 11. 
I think there was a discussion about this earlier. I prefer getting snowdrops either with roots, or “in the green”. Less work for me. 
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