NARGS and other organizations

Vivien Bouffard
Wed, 14 Oct 2015 16:08:02 PDT
Travis, you will LOVE going to NARGS chapter meetings!  I belong to the NE
chapter, which has the most wonderful and knowledgeable people in it.  I
always, always learn something at meetings.  I'm sure there's a pretty good
overlap in the group between NARGS and PBS, although I haven't actually
asked.  Ellen Hornig, whose posts I've seen here, is our current president.


I'm so far resisting joining any overseas groups and am content with the
seed offerings of NARGS, PBS and the Gesneriad Society (more overlap).
Technically, I don't actually have a rock garden.but I sure do love seed
exchanges and I sure do love growing from seed.  I also love getting spare
seedlings for $1 or less from fellow chapter members at the annual seedling
sale.  You have lots of good times ahead!



MA, Z6

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