Brian Whyer
Thu, 08 Oct 2015 02:14:27 PDT
If you Google "castilleja nargs quarterly" you find them on the first page.
I currently have C. thompsonii from AGS seed, sown January 2014, in a pot with a weedy Epilobum that is rampant in my garden and often invades seed pots. I potted it on a few months back and noticed it apparently had a quite small root system, so disturbed it/them minimally. It has 3 shoots the tallest is ~2" and moving a bit and looks healthy, but the Epilobum I pinched back looks very unhealthy.
RHS Wisley used to exhibit Castilleja in the alpine house sometimes, usually I think with small sedges in the same pot. I have seen one species flowering in the garden of a North Wales AGS member.
Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, UK

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>Dave Nelson wrote a couple of very detailed articles on growing 
>Castilleja from seed. These were published in the Rock Garden Quarterly 
>(which I edited at the time) during the 2000s. You should be able to 
>access the articles online at
>Jane McGary
>Portland, Oregon, USA
>On 10/7/2015 4:35 PM, Jim Barton wrote:
>> This plant may be a bit far afield from a geophyte, but does anyone have information on how to raise Castilleja sp. from seed. I live in Sunset zone 14 the seed came from Sunset zone 7 or 9.
>> Jim
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