Pamianthe peruviana seeds

Rick Buell via pbs
Tue, 27 Oct 2015 04:59:24 PDT
The few p.peruviana seedlings that I started, I attempted to keep watered/misted daily, but their growth doesn't compare with yours. Although they're rainforest species, do they somehow benefit from a slightly dryer environment? This seems counterintuitive. 


From:"romain amato" <>
date:///Tue/, Oct 27, 2015 at 4:03 AM
Subject:[pbs] re Pamianthe peruviana seeds

I was quite surprised when I read that Mr Rimmer's seedlings were already
3-4 cm in dimater at 1 year old, that's a great result !
I got 15 seeds in early 2014, and the 8 ones I put on pumice all
germinated, whereas the  others I put on a mix bark/perlite/pumice all died
with fungi...
When they where 5-6 cm tall, I transplanted them in the mix
bark/perlite/pumice and they now grow well.
I probably don't water them enough, and their environment is as dry as a
city house can be, but they look healthy. However, the bulb size doesn't
exceed 1,5 cm in diameter, and the plants are 40 cm tall...
They are outside during summer, I've just kept them inside when night
temperature was about 47°F but, as I previously mentionned, they were kept
quite dry ( watered once a week in autumn).
Now they grow under lights.

Romain Amato
Paris, France, USDA 7

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