Eranthis hyemalis in Sonoma County

Mon, 19 Oct 2015 15:59:06 PDT

> On 18 Oct 2015, at 19:43, S. R. Gilbert wrote:
> > Dear PBS, Probably very foolishly, I bought one hundred Eranthis bulbs and
> > must now do my best with them in my Petaluma garden. Winters in Petaluma are
> > mild, with temperatures seldom dipping below freezing, and daytime highs
> > mostly in the sixties. What advice can you offer to this Eranthis novice?

I have tried both Eranthis hyemalis and E. cilicia in my present garden in Brookings OR which is six miles from the Pacific Ocean and where the coldest temperature over the past seven years has been 18F, but is usually around 25F. While foliage appears  every year, the plants that I have rarely flower, and certainly do not even grow like those in the Northern Willamette Valley where the plants originally came from. The annual winter precipitation is between 75 and 100 inches annually falling between October and May.

Paul Otto
Brookings OR

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