Anderson deep propagation flats; was Re: Bulbs for troughs

Pamela Harlow
Tue, 20 Oct 2015 14:37:11 PDT
Steuber Distributing in Snohomish, WA is another friendly source.  $3.95
ea, or 25/$69.95.

Also, don't overlook the shallow version.  Lined with various-sized bands,
the drainage is still great and you have the option of isolating individual
bulbs or varieties.


On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 12:01 PM, Nhu Nguyen <> wrote:

> Hi Jim,
> I get both Anderson pots and flats from Stuewe and Sons in Oregon and they
> ship in small as well as large amounts. I grow most of by bulbs in these
> pots. I cut a piece of fiberglass window screen and place it at the bottom
> to keep the soil from falling out. Great for drainage and save tons of
> space!
> Nhu
> On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 11:55 AM, Jim McKenney <
> >
> wrote:
> > I went on-line to check out the Anderson deep propagation flats. I would
> > like to try these, but the list of businesses to whom they sell  (as
> listed
> > on their website) all seem to be on the other side of the country. And
> they
> > are a wholesale dealer.
> >
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