Pamianthe peruviana seeds per Rick Buell

Jim McKenney
Mon, 26 Oct 2015 14:05:36 PDT
I got so carried away telling my little story that I omitted what might be the most important part. 
    That's the part about starting seeds outside, in the open air, rain and sunshine. It's about not using "sterile" media, various flotation techniques, artificial lights - and getting great results. Whenever I used to start seeds indoors, there would be problems. I no longer do that.
I was thrilled when the Pamianthe seeds germinated and not at all surprised when they went on to grow well and without any problems (as long as they were outside).
In late July of this year I decided to try to start some eight-year-old seeds of Welwitschia mirabilis I had in the refrigerator. Did I opt for the sterile medium route? Not at all. I planted six seeds in a deep container of whatever medium was handy. The container stood out in the sun fully exposed to the weather. And within a few days three showed signs of germination and went on to produce healthy seedlings. You can see them here: 
My Virtual Maryland Garden: Welwitschia mirabilis : I'm back in the game!

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| My Virtual Maryland Garden: Welwitschia mirabilis : I'm ...Welwitschia germinating: something's happening! Welwitschia germinating: the cotyledons appear.  Welwitschia germinating: the  cotyledons seen from another angle. |
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