Introduction + Geissorhiza

Michael Mace
Fri, 08 Apr 2016 20:11:19 PDT
Welcome, Evan!

I don't have any sort of botanical degree, alas, but I do enjoy growing
South African bulbs. I have several Geissorhiza species, generally the
brightly colored ones (things like splendidissima, monanthos, radians,
inflexa). I'd be glad to share extras this summer if that would help your

Everything Ernie told you is spot on. The one thing I'd add is that the
corms of Geissorhiza are unusually small, and grow very close to the surface
of the soil. You have to take care when repotting or you could miss them.

I'll be very interested to see the family tree you create. Several times I
have tried to cross the species of Geissorhiza I grow, without any success.
Perhaps your research will explain why.

In addition to Rod and Rachel, there are two other good sources for seeds of
winter-growing South African bulbs: African Bulbs (Rhoda and Cameron
McMaster) and Summerfield's (Gordon Summerfield). Gordon had about 15
Geissorhiza species in his most recent list.

You can find their contact info here:…

Most Geissorhiza species are not available through any source that I know
of. I'd like to see that change. Many of us on this list are strong
believers in conservation through cultivation. If you find sources for the
other species, please let us know. We'll get them established in

Good luck with your project, and let me know if I can help.

San Jose, CA

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