Joyce Miller
Fri, 08 Apr 2016 11:03:39 PDT
Hi Kathleen, Faith and Jane, et al,

This spring our list has been crowded with reports of blooming bulbs.  I had 
nothing exceptional to report till you three discussed the patience needed 
to grow bulbs from seeds.  I have three special reports.

1.  All three species of my Arisaema seeds from this year's seed exchanges 
have germinated except one undersized seed:  A. ringens, A. tortuosa and A. 
serratalus.  Wow.

2.  A. flava plants, that never broke dormancy all last summer have emerged. 
Two plants are blooming and the others probably will next spring.

3.  Under one of my Trillium plants, at least two dozen single leaves have 
emerged.  According to the Cases "Trillium" they are in their third spring. 
Must say, I am immensely pleased.

Best to all,

Joyce Miller, Gresham, Oregon, USA

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