Introduction + Geissorhiza

Evan Eifler
Fri, 08 Apr 2016 10:22:04 PDT
Hello Everyone,

My name is Evan Eifler. I'm a graduate student in the Botany Department at
the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I study the ecology and evolution of
the Cape Floristic Province in South Africa. I originally studied abroad in
Cape Town as an undergraduate where I took courses in terrestrial and
marine ecology. I have since become fascinated by the shear diversity of
plant species endemic to this special region and am studying the processes
that led to the astounding diversity we witness today. The iris family is
one of the largest plant families in the Cape and is thus of great interest
to me. Specifically, I'm looking to develop a family tree for Geissorhiza,
which, at last count, is made up of 103 species. To do this I will need to
collect tissue samples from the majority of species to then extract DNA and
it would be very useful for me to have plants growing in our greenhouse as
backups and for extra tissue (and just for the fun of it!).

So I've come to tap the knowledge resource that is this listserv. I've read
through most of the archives on Geissorhiza so I feel somewhat prepared,
but I thought I'd see if anyone had any additional tips, tricks, or
suggestions on how to propagate Geissorhiza. I plan on ordering seed from
Silverhill and starting the germination process in July (a little early
from what I understand). Obviously I'll be growing these in pots in a
greenhouse as it's snowing here in Madison even today. I'm also interested
to hear what species are being grown by the PBS members / which are "in the

I'm interested to hear what you have to say and am excited to be a new
member of the PBS community.


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