Swamp Culture and Hymenocallis

Peter Franks peter.scaevola@gmail.com
Thu, 07 Apr 2016 22:17:14 PDT
Hi Rimmer

The guy that Lee may be thinking of is Victor W Lambou

He grew lots of things including Iris, Hymenocallis and Crinum in no-drain

He also posted many images to the old IBS forum showing his plants growing
submerged in large, square several-gallon containers

His email address [current in 2011] was vwak@msn.com

If he's still in the land of the living he may be of help to you


Sydney, Australia

Where summer has yet to make a final departure

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I was reading an old issue of Herbertia/ Plan Life from 1981 in which TM
Howard discussed growing some Hymenocallis in "swamp culture" as in totally
submerged situations.
He mentioned Hymenocallis traubii and H. littoralis like being totally wet,
with the water levels 2" above the top of the soil, as in pots in a tub of
I thought a saucer below the pots was adequate but this description is much

does anyone grow Hymenocallis in pots this wet? if so which Hymenocallis
like this much water? 
the PBS wiki says Hymenocallis sonorensis grows at steam edges do any other
of the Mexican hymenocallis like this much water or just like a good soaking

can these Hymenocallis take this much water in winter while dormant?


SE Michigan
Zone 6b
sleeting outside

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