Swamp Culture and Hymenocallis

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> As for Mexico’s climates, there are so many besides the deserty or dry ones that are often depicted in movies and such. There are even some which you might almost think of as Eden-like: never too hot, never too cold, consistent rain at just the right times to keep everything green. And there are very typical warm humid tropical ones as well.

Oh, and if you can find them (I looked on both websites, but couldn’t find them anymore), Yucca Do and Peckerwood Gardens used to have a few stories with photos of their botanizing trips into northern and central Mexico. The countryside doesn’t look anything like the stereotypical images we all see of the Mexican landscape. (There is plenty of the stereotypical dry or desert landscape in northern Mexico that I’ve seen on just a few touristy trips, so those stories and photos made me wish I knew where to go, and how to go about traveling in those areas, which are apparently far off the beaten path, so that I could see all that beautiful landscape with my own eyes!)

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