Gasoline and gardening (was Urginia, Uli and Jim)

Bracey Tiede
Mon, 12 Dec 2016 16:43:44 PST
Many commercial baits are based on boric acid which also is used in
cockroach baits here in the US.

The baits do work but it does take a few days for them to bring the bait
back to the nest. 

Unfortunately the Argentine ant is here in the US in large numbers and is
not territorial unlike native ants which it overruns in huge colonies. It's
our main problem in the SF Bay Area.


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A lady friend I once knew played with petrol & got it on herself & was
engulfed with vapour fire & burned to death. I suggest no one tries it under
any circumstances ! 
It will also rarely kill the queen hide & the ants will reappear anyway. 
Someone told me to try a mix of borax & sugar, but I'm not sure if it works
or not. 

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>> On 12/12/2016 03:20, Jane Sargent wrote:
>> cultivate fungus. A Mayan plantsman suggested I pour a can of gasoline
>> down the hole, drop in a match, and run like hell. He said very few ants
> I'm reminded of a case in the newspapers where clever well qualified
person managed to kill themselves lighting a garden bonfire with a can of
petrol (gasoline). Seemingly the catch is that the vapour spreads at ground
level, by the time you light the match you're standing in the middle of a
cloud of gas.
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