Year end review
Tue, 13 Dec 2016 07:47:43 PST
As we near of the end of 2016 I thought I would take the opportunity to highlight some of the activities the Society has accomplished and introduce a new feature.

Due to the massive amount of work by Dell Sherk and his staff of volunteers and generosity of our members  we have offered about 20 BX's in 2016 with average of 25 items each = 500 items.

The Board has approved and provided three monetary grants for further study in the area of bulbs.

Future Bulb Gardens will highlight the work with articles and photos to accompany the work.

We have received permission from bulb guru Brian Mathew to have  all of  his  36 The Bulb Newsletter scanned and placed on our PBS web page.

You can find them here with a brief statement from Brian:…

password: bulbmania

And lastly it's time to catch up on old BX/SX payments and renew membership to be able to take advantage of all these wonderful features.

Happy Holiday to all of our forum members and the best for the coming year.

Arnold Trachtenberg
Treasurer, PBS

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