Steve Marak
Sat, 06 Feb 2016 21:26:12 PST
Please read all the notes below before ordering, as each SX is slightly 

The items below have been donated by our members and friends to be shared.

Notes for SX 5:

1)      Items new for SX5 start at 720.

2)     You may also order any items from SX1-4 that are still available 
(items 401 to 719).
     Please put all items you want into a SINGLE LIST, regardless of 
which SX they are

3)     SX1 and SX2 items (401-581) are now half price ($1.00 US per packet).

4)     Please include your current shipping address (even if you've 
provided it previously).

If you are interested in obtaining some of these items, please email me 

Please put "SX5" in the subject line. This will help ensure your email 
goes into the right
folder. Please include your shipping address (even if you've provided it 

It is better to FORWARD this email to the above address rather than 
attempting to REPLY to it
as your reply will probably go to the entire PBS list, and since my mail 
program will sort
private replies ahead of replies to the list, this will cause your 
request to be processed
later. As requests are filled first-come-first-served, replying to the 
list will reduce your
chance of receiving items that are in short supply.

You may request 1 or 2 packets of any item. Specify the quantity (1 or 
2) and the item number.
Please include your shipping address (even if you've provided it 
previously). When you
receive your seeds, you will find enclosed a statement of what you owe 
the PBS treasurer
($2.00 US per packet, $1.00 US per packet for SX1 and SX2 items, + 

Many of you are members of the PBS mailing list, which is free, but are 
not members of the
Pacific Bulb Society which has a yearly membership charge. ONLY PBS 
IN THIS SX. If you are not a member, please consider joining so that you 
can participate in
future offers such as this one. Go to:

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Thank you to all of our generous donors!


401    Albuca tenuifolia (A. shawii)        UU
402    Albuca sp., tall, white, evergreen    UU
403    Allium cernuum 'Hidcote'        UU
405    Allium sp., ex Chiapas            NN
411    Canna  paniculata ?            UU
424    Freesia sp., mixed, OP            KC
432    Habranthus tubispathus            NN
433    Habranthus tubispathus            PS
434    Habranthus tubispathus, OP, ex BX 355    KC
442    Lachenalia latifolia* (Lachenalia nervosa)    RH
443    Lilium formosanum, short, ex Taiwan        JL
454    Othonna perfoliata            RHE
456    Phalocallis coelestis            JL
460    Rhadamanthus (Drimia) sp. aff. Platyphyllus    RH
462    Romulea minutiflora*            RHE
466    Tulbaghia acutiloba, Devon        NN
471    Albuca tenuifolia (A. shawii), green tufts on flower stalk JT
472    Allium albopilosum (A. cristophii) 'Star of Persia'    FT
473    Allium flavum                FL
474    Allium flavum ex Bulgaria        BJ
475    Allium subhirsutum            KS
476    Allium ramosum, 30 in, fragrant        JW    Blooms around July 4 
here in Kansas City. White flowers
                             with a very nice floral fragrance about 30 
in tall. The
                             name has some dispute, but the description 
is distinct.
477    Allium senescens, 14 in., pink        RD
482    Arisaema sp.?                FL
484    Asphodeline lutea            FL
486    Bellevalia dubia            MSI
501    Calochortus venustus, white/yellow    CE    ex Contra Costa Co., CA
505    Chlorogalum pomeridianum        MSI
508    Dierama pulcherrimum            FL
509    Dierama 'Snowbells'            FL
511    Dracunculus vulgaris             JW    This has been hardy in 
Kansas City for a decade plus in full
                             sun and light shade.
518    Habranthus tubispathus            FL
519    Habranthus tubispathus            PS
522    Hesperantha oligantha            MSI
524    Hosta sieboldii                FL
530    Libertia chilensis            FL
534    Lilium hyb., Aurelian            RdV    Div 6, 'Beautiul 
Victoria' x 'Tropical Garden', F2
535    Lilium longiflorum, hyb.        UU     hand pollinated. I bought 
the bulbs in Poland (yet another
                             former communist country with a 
longstanding gardening tradition)
                             A good form with large waxy white trumpets 
with good scent.
                             After the first flowering it produced a 
second shoot but the
                             flowers aborted due to bad weather.
540    Lilium martagon hyb. B            RdV
542    Lilium regale, white back        RdV
543    Lilium, mixed Aurelians            RdV    mostly crosses that are 
too few to offer a reasonable packet,
                             but also include missing or faded tags, - 
lots of good stuff.
545    Moraea polyanthos            RW
546    Moraea tripetala            RW
548    Moraea vegeta, tan            RW
553    Ornithogalum candicans            KS    parent bulb from Cistus 
554    Ornithogalum magnum            FL
555    Ornithogalum saundersiae        BH
556    Ornithogalum viridiflorum        FL
558    Paradisea lusitanica            FL
559    Prospero autumnale            KS     (Scilla autumnalis) parent 
bulbs grown from seeds from PBS
560    Prospero autumnale            RdV    this blooms in August after 
sending up grasslike leaves
565    Sinningia cardinalis, red        DK
568    Sisyrinchium bellum            FL
570    Tigridia pavonia 'Sunset in Oz'        RdV
571    Tradescantia boliviana            UU
572    Triteleia ixioides subsp. scabra    MSI
573    Tulipa tarda                FL
574    Wachendorfia thyrsiflora        FL
582    Acis autumnalis                JM
583    Adenium "roseum" (A. obesum, red?), OP    KC
584    Agapanthus 'Midnight Blue' Headbourne Hybrid    UU    *
585    Agapanthus 'Navy Blue'            MS
586    Albuca 'Blue Curls'            PS
587    Albuca bracteata, OP            KC
588    Albuca namaquensis            RdV    *
589    Albuca suaveolens            RdV    *
590    Albuca suaveolens, ex Swartz, OP    KC
591    Allium sphaerocephalon, OP        KC
592    Allium tangutium?            JM
593    Babiana 'Purple Haze', ex Wickham, OP    KC
594    Babiana stricta, OP            KC
595    Bletilla striata            MS
596    Cardiocrinum cordatum            JMc
597    Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus        BH
598    Dichelostemma multiflorum ex. Akimoff    RdV
599    Dierama dracomontanum            MS    *
600    Ennealophus euryandrus            AN
601    Eucomis bicolor                MSI
602    Ferraria crispa A, OP            KC
603    Ferraria crispa B, ex Telos, OP        KC
604    Ferraria crispa, dark, ex Telos, OP    KC
605    Ferraria crispa, OP            KC
606    Ferraria densipunctulata, OP        KC
607    Ferraria divaricata, OP            KC
608    Freesia grandiflora            PS
609    Freesia laxa ssp. azurea        PS
610    Freesia laxa, OP            KC
611    Freesia laxa, red, OP            KC
612    Freesia viridiflora            DF
613    Gelasine elongata            IC
615    Gladiolus communis (ssp. byzantinus)    MS
618    Habranthus xfloryi, green throat    IC
620    Habranthus tubispathus, OP        KC
621    Hippeastrum  'Red Garden'        FB
622    Hippeastrum 'Blue Dream', OP        KC
623    Hippeastrum 'Desire'            KC
624    Hippeastrum 'Minerva'            KC
625    Hippeastrum 'Orange Sovereign', OP    KC
627    Hippeastrum 'Striped Parade'        KC
628    Iris tectorum                JM
629    Iris tenax                JM
630    Lachenalia contaminata            PS
631    Lachenalia mutabilis            DF
632    Lachenalia orchioides var. glaucina    DF
633    Lachenalia pendula (L. bulbifera, L. bifolia)    DF
634    Lachenalia reflexa            AT
635    Lachenalia relexa            PS
636    Lilium, white tetra trumpet        UU    *
637    Massonia echinata            AT
638    Massonia pustulata            AT
639    Massonia pustulata, OP            KC
640    Melasphaerula ramosa, OP        KC
641    Moraea polystachya            DF
642    Moraea polystachya, ex Swartz, OP    KC
643    Nothoscordum ostenii, white, OP        KC
644    Othonna aff. perfoliata            RdV    *
645    Pelargonium appendiculatum        RJ
646    Polyxena (Lachenalia) corymbosa        RJ
648    Sisyrinchium idahoense            JM
649    Tigridia pavonia, white            IC
650    Veltheimia capensis            DF
654    Zephyranthes drummondii            RdV    *
660    Albuca collina, ex Willowmore        DH
661    Albuca pulchra, ex Namibia        MSW
662    Albuca sp.?, ex Plattenberg Bay        MSW
663    Allium amethystinum            RdV    ex BX 252, 36" tall, 
red-purple drumstick
664    Allium ascalonicum            RdV    ex Alan Edwards, 20" tall, white
665    Allium ramosum                RdV    white, 20 - 24 " tall
666    Asarum marmoratum            AMN    light required for 
germination; cold stratification for 12 weeks
667    Babiana tubulosa            KS
668    Bulbine torta, ex Sutherland        DH    harv. 4/01
669    Calochortus luteus, rust hash marks    JB
670    Calochortus luteus, rust spot and hash marks    JB
671    Calochortus superbus, white/lilac    JB
672    Calochortus venustus, white        JB
673    Camassia leichtlinii, dark blue        KS
674    Dichelostemma capitatum            JB
675    Dichelostemma capitatum            TO
676    Dichelostemma ida-maia            JB
677    Dichelostemma multiflorum        JB
678    Dodecatheon hendersonii            TO
680    Ferraria crispa subsp. nortieri, OP    JWI
681    Ferraria crispa, OP            JWI
682    Ferraria densepunctulata, OP        JWI
683    Ferraria uncinata, OP            JWI
684    Freesia alba                MSW
685    Freesia laxa, orange            MGW
686    Freesia occidentalis            MSW
688    Iris chrysophylla            TO
689    Iris planifolia, ex W. of Loule        DH
690    Ixia maculata                KS
691    Lachenalia comptonii            DH    harv. 5/99
692    Lachenalia mediana            MSW
693    Lachenalia orthopetala            MSW
695    Lachenalia pygmaea            MSW
696    Lachenalia reflexa            MSW
697    Lachenalia viridiflora            MSW
698    Lilium candidum, OP x self        DH    harv. 9/14
699    Manfreda maculosa            MSW
700    Manfreda sileri                MSW
701    Manfreda undulata, 'Chocolate Chips'    MSW
702    Massonia echinata?            MSW
703    Massonia pustulata?, came as M. depressa    MSW
704    Massonia cf. pustulata, ex NARGS, striped    MSW
705    Massonia echinata, ex Mesa Gardens    MSW
706    Massonia sp.?, ex Addo            MSW
707    Moraea bipartita            MSW
709    Ornithogalum concordianum (Albuca concordiana), ex 
Matjiesfontein    DH
710    Ornithogalum reverchonii, ex Grazalena    DH    ~2013
711    Pamianthe peruviana            PM
712    Pelargonium incrassatum, OP        DH
713    Triteleia hyacinthina            JB
714    Triteleia ixioides            JB
715    Triteleia laxa                JB
716    Veltheimia bracteata            RT
717    Veltheimia bracteata            TE
718    xHippeastrelia                CM
719    Zigadenus fremontii (Toxicoscordion fremontii), ex Riverside Co, 
CA    DH
720    Albuca cf. echinosperma, ex Tulbagh, 2015    DH
721    Albuca cf. maxima, (A. canadensis, Ornithogalum maximum)ex. 
Kamiesberg, 2003    DH
722    Allium hyalinum                MSI
723    Alstroemeria angustifolia        JM
724    Arum apulum                FC
725    Arum pictum                JM
726    Arum purpureospathum            FC
727    Begonia boliviensis, 2011        DH
728    Brimeura amethystina            TL
729    Brodiaea californica, pink        CE
730    Brodiaea californica, violet        CE
731    Brodiaea californica, white        CE
732    Calochortus amabilis            RW
733    Calochortus amabilis, ex Napa Co.    KM
734    Calochortus clavatus var. gracilis    JM
735    Calochortus fimbriatus            CE
736    Calochortus howellii            JM
737    Calochortus luteus, ex Santa Barbara Co.    KM
738    Calochortus luteus, ex. Colusa Co.    RW
739    Calochortus pulchellus, ex Contra Costa Co.    KM
740    Calochortus simulans, ex SLO Co.    KM
741    Calochortus splendens, deep purple, vigorous    CE
742    Calochortus striatus            KM
743    Calochortus uniflorus            RW
744    Calochortus venustus            CE    ex Alameda Co., vigorous, 
white outside, two red spots
                             inside (one strong, one faint, striated), 
some yellow markings
745    Calochortus venustus            CE    ex Contra Costa Co., blush 
outside, white inside, strong red
                             spots, some yellow
746    Cyclamen cilicium f. album        JM
747    Cyclamen graecum            FC
748    Cyclamen graecum            JM
749    Dandya thadhowardii, 2012        DH
750    Dichelostemma ida-maia            JM
751    Dierama pulcherrimum 'Blackbird'    TL
752    Dipcadi viride, ex Saudia Arabia    DH
753    Freesia grandiflora (subsp. Grandiflora)    TL
754    Galtonia candicans (Ornithogalum candicans), green/white RdV
755    Geissorhiza brehmii            MSI
756    Gladiolus carmineus            MSI
757    Habranthus brachyandrus            CM
758    Habranthus magnoi            RdV
759    Habranthus robustus            RdV
760    Habranthus sp. ?, big pink flowers    RdV
761    Habranthus sp., mixed            CM
762    Hippeastrum modern white hybrid x H. striatum    DH
763    Hyacinthoides hispanica subsp. algeriensis (H. cedretorum) FC
764    Hyacinthoides vincentina (H. mauritanica, Scilla vincentina), 
2006    DH
765    Iris  iberica subsp. lycotis        FC
766    Iris acutiloba subsp. lineolata        FC
767    Iris elegans                FC
768    Iris paradoxa                FC
769    Iris setosa, 8in, blue, needs moisture    RdV
770    Iris tingitana                FC
771    Lachenalia polyphylla, ex SW Cape:  Gouda District, 2000 DH
772    Lachenalia splendida, ex Bittfontein; Lavranos, 2001    DH
773    Leucocoryne hybrids            MSI
774    Leucocoryne vittata, 2003        DH
775    Libertia caerulescens (L. sessiliflora), ex Archibald PH
776    Lilium candidum, 2013            DH
777    Lilium ledebourii, ex Archibald        PH
778    Lilium pardalinum            JM
779    Lilium pardalinum subsp. shastense    TL
780    Lilium pardalinum, ex Northwest Native Seeds    PH
781    Moraea polyanthos            RW
782    Moraea vespertina            RW
783    Moraea villosa                RW
784    Moraea villosa, ivory blue        RW
785    Narcissus miniatus (N. obsoletus), ex Algeciras, Spain, 2011    DH
786    Nomocharis aperta, ex Archibald        PH
787    Nomocharis mairei (N. pardanthina), ex Archibald    PH
788    Nothoscordum castilloi, 2012 (N. gracile)    DH
789    Nothoscordum minarum (N. montividense subsp. minarum), 2006    DH
790    Nothoscordum montevidense, 2006        DH
791    Ornithogalum concordianum (Albuca concordiana), 2012    DH
792    Ornithogalum hispidum, ex. Citrusdal, 2012    DH
793    Ornithogalum longibracteatum (Albuca bracteata)    BH
794    Ornithogalum umbellatum, ex Grazalema, Spain; Lavranos, 2007    DH
795    Paeonia cambessedesii            JM
796    Paeonia daurica subsp. mlokosewitschii    JM
797    Paeonia mascula, ex Sardinia        FC
798    Prospero autumnale            RdV    grass-like leaves stay green 
all fall-winter till spring,
                             then go dormant in early summer and send up 
flowers in July-August
                             before new leaves emerge
799    Scilla monophyllos            TL
800    Triteleia ixioides, ex. Salinas Co.    JM
801    Triteleia laxa, "giant form", ex Mariposa Co.    JM
802    Triteleia peduncularis            JM
803    Triteleia peduncularis            MSI
804    Tulipa sprengeri            JM
805    Veltheimia bracteata            FC
806    Veltheimia bracteata            TL
807    Veltheimia bracteata var. rosalba    FC
808    Zephyranthes citrina            VD
809    Zephyranthes drummondii            FC
810    Zephyranthes 'Labuffarosa' crosses    CM
811    Zephyranthes macrosiphon, good flowerer    CM

Anne McNeil = AMN
Ake Nordstrom = AN
Angelo Procelli = AP
Arnold Trachtenberg = AT
Bob Hoel = BH
Bill Hoffman = BHf
Bill Janetos = BJ
Bridget Wosczyna = BW
Chris Elwell = CE
Cynthia Mueller = CM
Dave Boucher = DB
Dee Foster = DF
Dylan Hannon = DH
Dennis Kramb = DK
Fausto Ceni = FC
Fred Biasella = FB
Francisco Lopez = FL
Fred Thorne = FT
Giovanni Curci = GC
Ina Crossley = IC
Jim Barton = JB
Jonathan Lubar = JL
Jame McGary = JM
Jim McKenney = JMc
Joyce Miller = JMi
Jim Waddick = JW
Jim Wickman = JWI
Karl Church = KC
Kipp McMichael = KM
Kathleen Sayce = KS
Bill Hoffmann = BHf
Makiko Goto-Widerman = MGW
Mark McGee = MMG
Maggie Soderstrom = MS
Mary Sue Ittner = MSI
Monica Swart = MSW
Nhu Nguyen = NN
Nick Plummer = NP
Paul Matthews = PM
Pamela Harlow = PH
Pamela Slate = PS
Rimmer de Vries = RdV
Richard Haard = RHa
Roy Herold = RH
Ruth Jones = RJ
Ray Talley = RT
Robert Werra = RW
Terry Laskiewicz = TL
Tim Eck = TE
Travis Owen = TO
Uli Urban = UU
Victor Dominguez = VD

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