naming of plants

Travis O
Fri, 08 Jan 2016 21:28:36 PST

Interesting point, something I can relate to! I have observed this "sunk cost theory" with myself and the genus Chionodoxa, now included in Scilla. I had, for a long time, defended the old names for no other reason but an unwillingness to accept change. Since I write a blog, and contributed a lot to the Chionodoxa page on the wiki, I had invested my time and energy into the name.

As a side note on this topic, it always irks me to see "Scilla" bulbs (Hyacinthoides, actually) for sale in stores in the fall, and in the past few years Chionodoxa as well. It seems like the larger bulb distributors will never print "Hyacinthoides" on a package, and it will probably be about a hundred years before Chionodoxa is sold as "Scilla", lol.

As for plurals, it seems that is one of those things that varies from one plant scholar to the next. I had been given a critique concerning the writing on my blog that I should just write, for example, Scillas (italicized, of course) rather than the lower case. Peculiar that there are so many different options on this matter.

Travis Owen
Rogue River, OR

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