Bulb-Viewing Trip to South Africa

Gail A. Klein gklein1@stanford.edu
Thu, 07 Jan 2016 12:59:42 PST
Dear Michael,

 Will make this short; you can email privately if you like.
Q  area in order to see the most bulbs in bloom-
A: Yes, Aug-Sept the best times and certainly cover Kirstenbosch, CT’s Nat Bot Garden.
I’d say Western Cape and West Coast, but ask Cameron McMaster and others.

Q: --I'm especially interested in seeing peacock Moraeas and their relatives in
the wild. Are there particular places we should be sure to visit?
A: From the U.S you can check out locations of peacock Moreas: for this and other bulb data
(1) http://pza.sanbi.org/.
For ex. mentions Moraea loubseri  found near Langebaan, an area on a lagoon and West coast a day trip’s drive from Cape Town.
(2) iSpot, a ‘citizen-scientist’ site one of the special projects begun by Tony Rebelo, a protea specialist but all-round great botanist at
For example, for peacock moraea : http://ispotnature.org/search/node/…<http://ispotnature.org/search/node/…>

Q: --Is it safe for us to wander around on our own, or should we be part of a tour?
A: No, it’s not really safe any more, even if you know the area. But there are ways. You could even try Uber for jaunts in the CT area.

Q --If a tour, are there tours or guides that focus specifically on bulbs as opposed to wildflowers in general?
A: Of course, Cameron and Rhoda McMaster, http://www.africanbulbs.com/ has a list of upcoming tours.  And they’ve moved to the Western Cape, I think.
I also can refer you to a knowledgable, lively young botanist with whom I’ve travelled, David Gwynne Evans knows lots about bulbs.
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